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restorative yogaHow health coaching can help you

Health coaching is a process intended to facilitate a healthy and sustainable behavioural change focusing on the client’s priorities and goals.


Want to lose weight? Maybe want to keep it off? Have you tried several “cleanses” and programs but nothing seems to work? Are you overwhelmed with all the new trends in nutrition and want to separate facts from myths?

We can help you:

We empower our clients with evidence-based information to achieve their desire and possible weight. We look at the individuals as a whole, with your busy schedule, with your work demands, with your family responsibilities, with your excuses and reasons, with your “to do” list in mind and guide you to create a plan that is doable, practical and fits your reality. And most importantly, that is sustainable as you have the control, decide on the primary goals and set up the objectives.


You are told you need to exercise, but what type of exercise is best for you right now? And what can fit into your schedule? Your doctor tells you walking is the best, but you don’t really like walking: what else can you do? You already exercise but are having some chronic pain. What now? The health coaching process will help you to discover and answer those questions. With an holistic view of your wellbeing we will help you find out what works best for you and what to focus on.

Chronic Conditions:

You think you are doing all you can, but may still have questions about your family’s history of diabetes. You feel want to do all you can to postpone taking chronic medication, or you are already taking some medications and wonder if you could stop. But doing what? And how?When it comes to management of common risk factors (e.g. high blood pressure, diabetes and/or high cholesterol) the health coaching process aims to, through an integrative, individualized, and evidence-based approach process, guide the client to the self management of their condition.

Other Benefits:

We can also help you with smoking cessation therapies and advice on over the counter medications, vitamins, homeopathic remedies and/or natural health products.
Fees non-members members

Description Fees Non Members Fees Members
Initial 60 min consult $100.00 $90.00
45 min follow up $75.00 $67.50
Initial 60 min consult + two 45 $200.00 $180.00


Our Health Coach/Nutritionist:   Maria Terzahi ‎

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