Sounds of Yoga Friday July 27 8-9:30 pm….celebrate the summer with us!

Join Sabina Erlich and Normando Jones for a 90 minute warm candle light drumming flow.

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Much like yoga, drumming also provides many similar paths to enlightenment, in many of the same ways. Drumming touches the mind and body through rhythm and provides a physical release.

Drumming, however, is also a natural enhancement to low-impact exercise such as yoga. The yoga “state of mind” requires a focus on the rhythm of breath, and a way to connect with the Self. Rhythm and drumming can help connect a person to the experience of mindful breathing, creating an awareness of not only the drum sounds, but also an understanding of how rhythm drives the body.

Drumming is also a favoured way to reach meditative states, which are encouraged throughout a yoga session, reinforcing the overall connection between mind and body. Many people who combine yoga and drumming report a deeper feeling of accomplishment, relaxation and overall satisfaction with the experience.