Temporary Studio Closure

In this time of chaos, fear and anxiety, the practice of Yoga is what can truly keep us grounded. We want to do the best for the comunity by offering the relief Yoga can provide while keeping everyone safe. In order to do this Hatch Yoga will be suspending classes in our physical space, until this wave of health concern passes, while offering online  classes. Initially, we will close the studio from tomorrow, march 17th until april 1st.

This is a strong community and I really need your help. It will be very difficult for the studio to survive this crisis if most of our members place a hold on their memberships. Our teachers are offering to film videos of classes without charging the studio, so you can practice at home and we can  ensure our survival as a comunity.

All our future online contents will be free to our current members who DO NOT put their memberships on hold so they can practice from the safety from their own home, and plus our gratitude to keep the studio running, when we are ready again to re-open. Please check back frequently to the Hatch Yoga website, as new updates will be posted often.

If you wish to place an “open hold” please email [email protected].

As hard as this situation is for everyone, we can look at it as an opportunity for growth. Hopefully we will learn a great deal from this.

Much love and gratitude,