Our Staff

Sabina Erlich

sabina erlich hatch yoga teacherOf Argentinian background, I discovered the practice of yoga shortly after I moved to Canada with my young family in 2002. Leaving behind a hectic career in IT and facing an incredible amount of stress as a new immigrant, yoga not only helped me to cope with that transition, but also to overcome an eating disorder that I suffered from for many years making me feel fractured and disconnected from myself. My first contact with the practice was through the practice of mindfulness and meditation, and that led me to the discovery of the physical practice. I was powerfully drawn to yoga from the very first time I sat to meditate and had a glimpse of peace and acceptance; and slowly, I began to feel whole for the first time in my life.

I wouldn’t have been able to walk that path alone. I had amazing teachers who guided me. And that realization awoke in me the passion for teaching. After taking two teacher trainings and countless hours of courses and workshops; I studied with Helen Duquette, Heidi Walk, Michael Siddal, Jessie Enright, Jasson Crandell, Natasha Rizopoulous, Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee, Jill Miller, Christine Felstad, Cyndy Lee and Marla Ericksen; I started teaching various styles of yoga and meditation at several studios and fitness clubs.

Through my process of hatching, I discovered my passion for running, and became an avid one, running 20 km every morning with my dog before dawn, just to catch the sun rising by the lake; and running several marathons every year. Practicing yoga allowed me to sustain this discipline injury free for the past 7 years. I truly enjoy helping fellow runners and athletes keeping their body safe and healthy by finding a balance between strength and flexibility.

Eventually I found myself teaching the 200 hs. Yoga Teacher Training at another Yoga Studio, and found the opportunity to form new teachers immensely fulfilling.

But as yoga never ceases to make you growth, I found that my dharma, my calling, was to create my own studio, a sacred place in where I could create space to nurture and inspire a community. A space of safety and acceptance, of unconditional love, in which every single member of our staff shares the same passion. and that’s how Hatch Yoga came to life.


Jennifer Mathews

Jennifer Mathews Hatch Yoga Teacher

Yoga is NOW…that’s it. The practise of yoga is learning to live fully immersed in the NOW, and to be OK with whatever the present moment is handing you, without creating a sense of resistance. I believe in alignment based asana practise, so that the practitioner can learn to pay attention to what is, to make wise choices for their bodies, and to build a safe, well rounded practise. My classes, and personal practise represent strength, stability, and mobilization, with a goal to be at ease with what is, which can therefore lead to a more peaceful life. I invite my students to show up to work hard, to trust their bodies, and to let go of attachment to any outcome, and to just simply enjoy.


Justin Blayney

Justin Blayney Hatch Yoga Teacher

Justin is a certified Hatha and Anusara™ – Influenced yoga instructor who graduated from the Leewi Yoga Teacher Training program.  Justin’s yoga journey started 7 years ago when he felt he needed something more than just regular exercise at the gym. He really connected to the spiritual aspect of the yoga practice and has been watching it make big transformations in his physical, spiritual and mental health.  Justin is inspired by many teachers on this yoga journey, most notably Eoin Finn and Annette Garcea have helped guide him into the student and teacher he is today.


Kiran Sohal

Kiran Sohal Hatch Yoga Teacher

Kiran has been teaching yoga since 2001 including Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Core Flow, Restorative, and meditation.  Her personal approach to teaching is rooted in a passion for creative movement, mindfulness, and personal transformation. Her extensive training includes a 200-hour Basic Certification from the Kripalu Centre (Massachusetts), 200-hour Sri Sri Yoga Certificate (Germany), 500-hour certification of Advanced Yoga Studies at the Downward Dog Studio (Toronto), Relax and Renew Trainer with Judith Hanson Lasater, and a Certificate in Stott Pilates Matwork (Levels 1 & 2).


Laura Cook

Laura Hatch Yoga Teacher

I’d like to say that I found yoga, but truly, I think its yoga that found me. In 2008, I was at a point in my life where I really needed a change, both physically and mentally. When I stepped into my first hot yoga class, I was unaware of how much this class would forever change me and from that moment on, I fell in love. I remember leaving that class with a feeling of pure contentment.

“Yoga lit a fire in me that I never knew existed. It made me a happier person, freed me from distraction, taught me how to be mindful and redefined my self-esteem.”

Yearning to know more, in 2009, I started my teacher training. (more…)

Chloe Chang

Chloe began her Massage Therapy studies in 2015 at Canadian College of Massage Therapy and Hydrotherapy. After receiving her Diploma of Massage Therapy and passed certification Exam, she started her practice in 2016. Chloe duly registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.
During her academic career, Chloe excelled on a variety of outreaches and placements, including :
The Ride to Conquer Cancer, Johnson MS Bike,T.O Goodlife Marathon, Federated Health Charities Campaign and placements in Sickids Hospital, Toronto Rehab -UHN-ABI/Stroke. (more…)

Lyn Hartman

Lyn began her personal yoga experience about ten years ago when she started her practice on the mat learning Iyengar Yoga with Jim Pope.  After a couple years under his tutelage the demands of motherhood took precedence as she went from a mom of one to a mom of four in close succession.   Yoga remained a love that was deeply rooted in her heart and in 2010 windows of opportunity began to open to allow a return to a personal practice that focused on Power Yoga and Vinyasa for several years.  In 2013 the stars aligned to enable her to meet and to begin practicing under the master teacher Kimberly Beaudry.  A love of Hatha Yoga under Kimberly’s expertise quickly became a passion that could not be contained.  (more…)

Olaf Schneider

Working for many years as an artist I would continually stand or sit in one place during the day. I became 40 pounds overweight and felt terrible about myself. My fitness journey began after a visit to a record store where I discovered a dvd by the creator of Tae Bo, Billy Banks. I always had an interest in martial arts and was inspired to get into shape. It didn’t take long before I could feel and see changes in my body. After taking a TaeBo training workshop with Billy Blanks, I then became committed to Taekwondo. Unfortunately a debilitating injury set me back to the point where I could barely walk. I sought relief in Yoga which helped somewhat, but it was when I was introduced to Pilates that things really improved. I fell in love with the simplicity of the movements. (more…)

Jennifer Travassos

Yoga has brought balance to my life. After working many years in different medical settings, I was at the end of my ropes, exhausted mentally and physically. Yoga helped restore those mental and physical aspects of my life, and that is why I wanted to become a yoga teacher. I always knew of the benefits that yoga holds, and I wanted to help people reconnect with themselves through movement and breath. After careful consideration and research, I journeyed into teacher training at Hatch and became certified instructor in February 2019.

Aside from yoga, I like to remain active by running and hiking, spending time with my family, and cooking. Yoga has been such a positive influence in my life, and I look forward to continuing my journey, and sharing what I have learned with all of you.