From Our Founder

Message from Sabina, Owner of hatch YogaIf I’d have to describe Yoga with just one word, it would be TRANSFORMATIONAL. In more than one word, for me, the practice of Yoga is much like the process of hatching, because as we practice with the guidance of loving and compassionate teachers, we begin to break down the shell of fear, guilt, denial, insecurities, shame, false beliefs and physical ailments that prevent us from being in the present moment, living and enjoying a full life.

I strongly believe that to one degree or another, every individual has, even if at an unconscious level, the need to embark on this journey. As it is my dharma, my calling, my life’s work, to guide and assist people to hatch, I decided to open my very own yoga studio to do just that.

In our western society, the practice of yoga took all kind of shapes and forms; different studios and different teachers offer different experiences. At one end of the spectrum it can be just a physical workout, and at the other, a doctrine full of rituals and traditions that are difficult for us to relate to in modern society At Hatch, we capture the essence of yoga with a unique holistic approach. Every single member of our staff shares this philosophy; we start from the premise that you are already perfect and everything you need is in you. You just need to “hatch”, and our job is to guide you with compassion and care.

Hatch is not a company but a family, in which each and every one of its members is precious to us.

We offer a variety of yoga styles: hot yoga, non heated yoga, vinyasa,  hatha yoga, yoga for runners, detox flows, core flows, yin yoga, restorative and yoga injuries and reduced mobility, and we have classes catering to different levels including beginners, intermediate and advanced. We also offer meditation classes, mindfulness programs, nutrition counselling, reiki, thai massage, and massage therapy.

Hatch Yoga is located in the heart of Mississauga, catering to the population of Mississauga City centre, Cooksville, Meadowale, Port Credit, Clarkson, Erindale, Oakville, Etobicoke and Burlington.

Founder/Owner of Hatch Yoga