30 hours Intro to Yoga History and Philosophy Course with Taryn Diamond

This course can be taken independently as a part of our Teacher Training. These 30 hours count as Continuing Education Credits with the Yoga Alliance.


1- Yoga context, history and timelines

Here we’ll discuss the region and historical culture from which we see the beginnings of yogic philosophy. We’ll also map out the chronology of scriptures that are informing the        practice today.

2- non-dualism and the Upanishads

We’ll dive into the roots of the yoga tradition through our study of some key Upanishads and their mahavakyas (or great statements.)

3- sutras, samkhya and tantra

We’ll explore Patañjali’s yoga sutras, the greater system of Samkhya philosophy and the Tantra tradition, which birthed Hatha yoga.

The dates and times for this course are:

Saturday March 21 2 to 5 pm

Sunday March 22 12-3 pm

Saturday April 25 2 to 5 pm

Saturday May 9 2 to 5 pm

Sunday May 10 12 to 3 pm

Saturday May 16 2 to 5 pm

Saturday May 30 2 to 5 pm

Saturday June 13 2 to 5 pm

Saturday July 11 2 to 5 pm

Saturday July 18 2 to 5 pm

Price is $599+hst (members get a 10% discount)

Spaces are limited
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